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V-O-S spol. s.r.o. is a manufacturing company which in 1997 has decided to start producing the whole-grain, puffed products of rice, corn, buckwheat and wheat. The company has the business partners not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

The products of our company can be found at Kaufland, Jednota as well as in Delikomat SVK automats, in healthy nutrition, pharmacies and other independent retail shops.

In 2005, we introduced a product group Cereal Foods from which the most famous product, Kukuričník 100g got extremely successful in V4 countries. Afterwards, as part of new innovations, in 2017, we prepared a group of RAW Fruit Balls products, which have the role of capturing healthier eating trends and is also suitable for different age groups.

Over 20 years of activity, we have produced and sold more than 35,000,000 consumer packages
purchased by our satisfied customers, Ing. Baranec Ladislav, CEO

Why you should choose us?

We have over 21 years of manufacturing experience, thanks to which we can guarantee the highest quality of all the products. We are innovative, flexible and very adaptable to our end customer’s needs.

RAW Products
RAW Products are a nutritional approach based on proved scientific evidence, that the heat-treated diet (not allowed to be over 40°C) has beneficial effects on the body's functioning. The person feels full of life and energy. Moreover, if you get into the natural flavors of raw materials, you will immediately fall in love with this product line.
Sweets without worries
The product group of RAW Fruit Balls is designed for different age groups. No sugar is being added to the products. The sweetness is achieved only through the grape and fruity sugar found in the raw materials used in the manufacture. There is also no added fat, flavorings, stabilizers, dyes and other non-natural ingredients. It can be said, that the taste of the products is created by nature itself. Dried grapes contain Glucose, and it is the only sugar in the human body that flows in the blood, which gets eventually into the whole body (including the brain). It helps the athletes to recover their bodies after or during the exercise, while working / studying during concentration at work / school but also helping the sick people to overcome the disease. This product group is ideal as a snack for students, workers and athletes.
Available for everyone
V-O-S uses a system of so-called creative pricing, where business partners and ultimately end-users can secure very attractive prices that can be achieved by ordering more goods at once. The more you take, the lower price per piece you get. For our partners, we have prepared at least 2 offerings which will be announced in advance during 2018.

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Try and make sure that our products are not only healthier but also very tasty.

They are made of the highest quality ingredients. You will not find any flavorings, stabilizers and dyes in our products.

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